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Utilities for Construction and Operation
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Groundworks Utilities

Utilities for Construction and Operation Utilities are sometimes referred to as ‘public services’ as they are central to infrastructure and for society to function as normal. Typically, they encompass the following: electricity, gas, water, sewage and communication services. Although most private companies now provide these services in the UK (due to privatisation in the 1980s), they are regulated by government. To […]

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Importance of Having a Utilities Strategy
By haggar   |   21 December 2021   |   Groundworks Utilities

The utilities are the key infrastructure services on a site: electricity, gas, water, sewage and communications. If the existing site already has a building or house, it is likely that most of these services will already be in place. The building contractor should make contact with all of these services at the start of the project. If building […]

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Getting The Utilities Infrastructure In Your Project Right
By haggar   |   18 September 2021   |   Groundworks Utilities

When working on any construction project, connecting up the utilities is always a vital step, and one which is quite often known to be the cause of delays. 

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