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Road (Highway) Drainage: Surface Drainage System, Types and Methods
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Groundworks Drainage

Highway drainage is quite simply the water that drains from any road or footpath that flows into a public drainage system. The building of any highway or urban road will require some type of drainage system. Along with the construction of the road, it should be one of the most important considerations as it relies on the maintenance of the road. Highway drainage […]

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Drainage Systems to Consider for Groundworks Projects
By haggar   |   21 December 2021   |   Groundworks Drainage

An essential part of any building work is ensuring the drainage is right first time to avoid expensive post-construction repairs. A professional groundwork will survey the existing drainage system and if a new build, where your new property would connect to the main system. Drainage installation would need to be at the correct gradient and a full […]

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What You Can Do to Reduce the Risk of Flooding in Your Building
By haggar   |   26 November 2021   |   Groundworks Drainage

Especially in recent years, flooding has been a huge risk for many people, and can have devastating effects. If you’re in the construction industry, trying to negate the risks of flooding can be a nightmare, with different rules and regulations to navigate at every turn. Despite the complexities, there are a range of different things […]

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