Category: Garden Patios

Basics of Screeding for Concrete and Masonry
By haggar   |   5 May 2022   |   Driveways

Screed or screeding in not a well-known term for those outside of the construction industry. It is usually the penultimate step in finishing flooring and commonly confused with concrete. As this article will discuss, there are notable differences in concrete and screed. What is concrete screeding? The chemistry between concrete and screed is similar but […]

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Different Types of Patio Surface Options
By haggar   |   21 December 2021   |   Garden Patios

With a shift in how we now work and socialise due to the Covid-19 pandemic, outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly important for people: a place to entertain, dine out or retreat after a busy day at work. Below we explore the different types of patio surface options for your outdoor space. A quality garden patio design has the power […]

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