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Basics of Screeding for Concrete and Masonry
By haggar   |   5 May 2022   |   Driveways

Screed or screeding in not a well-known term for those outside of the construction industry. It is usually the penultimate step in finishing flooring and commonly confused with concrete. As this article will discuss, there are notable differences in concrete and screed. What is concrete screeding? The chemistry between concrete and screed is similar but […]

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The Importance of Driveways in Home Improvements
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Driveways

Whether buying, selling or improving your property, most people consider home improvements that focus on the key functional areas of a home: the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. However, apart from the obvious physical appearance of the house, an uneven or unattractive driveway will not set the right first impression, regardless of your interior furnishings. More recently, with the Covid-19 pandemic, outside areas are […]

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Add Value to Your Property with a Driveway
By haggar   |   21 December 2021   |   Driveways

A driveway is much more than a practical off-street place to park your car: it sets a strong first impression and can add value to your property especially if parking is a premium in your area. With a comprehensive range of driveway designs and colours now available, you can create an attractive and modern, contemporary or traditional style to suit […]

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5 Driveway Options to Make Your Home Standout
By haggar   |   26 November 2021   |   Driveways

Your driveway is a key focal point of your home and one of the first things that anyone will notice when they look at it, so it’s important that it looks welcoming and At Haggar Construction, we know it can be quite overwhelming to choose from so many different options for this prime piece of […]

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How a New Driveway Can Boost Your Home’s Kerb Appeal
By haggar   |   26 November 2021   |   Driveways

One of the most noticeable things outside your home is your driveway. No longer just somewhere to park your vehicle, they’re also a great way of improving the look of your home and adding value to your property. We’ve all heard about ‘kerb appeal’ and how sprucing up the front of your home can help […]

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