Month: February 2022

The Importance of Driveways in Home Improvements
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Driveways

Whether buying, selling or improving your property, most people consider home improvements that focus on the key functional areas of a home: the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. However, apart from the obvious physical appearance of the house, an uneven or unattractive driveway will not set the right first impression, regardless of your interior furnishings. More recently, with the Covid-19 pandemic, outside areas are […]

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What are the Hazards of Demolitions?
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Demolition

Introduction The need to demolish or refurbish a structure may be required when a building reaches the end of its lifespan (an architect designs a building with a ‘design life) or structural damage/stability is beyond economical repair. The demolition methods and types generally includes the following: Types of Demolition Interior Demolition As the title suggests, this […]

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Utilities for Construction and Operation
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Groundworks Utilities

Utilities for Construction and Operation Utilities are sometimes referred to as ‘public services’ as they are central to infrastructure and for society to function as normal. Typically, they encompass the following: electricity, gas, water, sewage and communication services. Although most private companies now provide these services in the UK (due to privatisation in the 1980s), they are regulated by government. To […]

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Property Development: How to Become a Developer
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Property Development

The appeal of becoming a property developer has been popularised by television programmes as bricks and mortar are considered a sensible investment especially with such low interest rates on savings. Despite the pandemic and disruption to businesses and work patterns, demand for property is still strong in the UK. A property developer will look to build a new home, renovate an […]

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Groundworks – Trees and Foundations
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Groundworks Foundation

Starting a building project which has trees or other vegetation on site can be a challenging prospect and has the potential to impact foundations and therefore structures. Even trees up to 30m away can still cause problems depending on the type. As trees, hedgerows and shrubs absorb moisture from the ground, some cohesive soils (clay, for […]

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Road (Highway) Drainage: Surface Drainage System, Types and Methods
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Groundworks Drainage

Highway drainage is quite simply the water that drains from any road or footpath that flows into a public drainage system. The building of any highway or urban road will require some type of drainage system. Along with the construction of the road, it should be one of the most important considerations as it relies on the maintenance of the road. Highway drainage […]

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5 ways to get into UK Property Development
By haggar   |   7 February 2022   |   Property Development

The UK property market has continued to grow despite the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Investing in ‘bricks and mortar’ is appealing as demand for property continues to outgrow supply. With interest rates on savings so low, the potential for a regular income or an asset that increases in value with age is extremely lucrative. The UK property market is […]

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